Recent Video Production Projects

Nemco Company Overview

Nemco, one of the UK's leading electronics manufacturers came to us looking to refresh their company image with an overview video. Outlining their services, their video takes us on a tour of the facilities and state of the art machines.

Liberty CF

Liberty Corporate Finance came to us to create a series of engaging testimonial videos. To make the testimonials more engaging and trustworthy we use general visuals of the interviewee's company as cutaways from the main interview. This breaks the testimonial up and keeps the viewers interested.


This project was produced on a very tight deadline for Otodynamics American market, hence the American English used. They were looking to get as much information regarding the features of the product across in 1m30sec. Animation was the perfect choice for their product video, its engaging and enabled us to get a lot of information across in a concise and easy to digest way.

City and County Healthcare

Created as part of a portfolio of videos for Graphite Capital. This company overview video was produced to show how City and County had grown and overcome industry changes as a business with the backing of Graphite Capital.

Batt Cables

As one of the leading cable distributors, Batt Cables looked to video to update their website and company image. We produce a company overview video that shows the vast UK superhub and the standard of cables available from Batt Cables.

West Herts College

The above film is a trailer for a longer production commissioned by West Herts College. Designed to raise awareness about West Herts apprenticeships, the video follows the story of Emerode Brown, an accountancy apprentice at 17 Group.

Liberty CF

Liberty were looking for a company overview video to showcase the areas they work in. However, the nature of the business is very office based and there is no physical product. So, we approached Liberty with the idea of using animation to explain the complex workings of their business. Animation helps the viewer understand Liberty and keeps their attention.

Halo Post

Renowned post-production house Halo Post looked to us to create a company overview video that focused on the people at Halo. The video was used for their British Broadcast Awards submission. The video shows some of the projects Halo has worked on including top BBC programs, big feature films and interviews with the staff at Halo Post.

West Herts College - Campus Life

Created as part of a series of videos showing campus life at the college and the vast facilities the college has to offer. Aimed at parents and students the videos needed to be informative and visually appealing.

LTT Vending

LTT Vending came to us looking to produce their first product video. The video had to show all the benefits of their new coffee machine without overloading the viewer with information. They also wanted to show the nice aesthetics of the machine and the ease of use. We used camera movement and a voiceover to keep the viewer's interest throughout the video. The video is for use by their sales team and for their website.

"The IGL team understood and interpreted our brief quickly and produced a video that was spot on within a matter of weeks. The quality of both the footage taken and editing was top notch and they really captured the essence of the product"
AJ Nowell, CEO, PitPatPet

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