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Product Video - Lufbery Watches
You don't always need expensive studios or lighting setups. Some creativity from the IGL Films team and a few candles are all you need!

We created the below short product promo video for Lufbery watches to showcase the style of their new line of watches. The videos were to be used alongside a Kickstarter campaign. The challenge was to create an eye-catching video that fitted in with the feel of the brand, all on a tight budget. We experimented with different ways of filming to create the right look settling on a simple black box setup with candles. The candles gave us the perfect look and feel Lufbery was looking for. 


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New Video - West Herts College Promo 2019
We teamed up with West Herts College to create a new promotional video for their 2019 campaign. Created in the style of the previous video we produced for the college, the video focuses on attracting new students to the college. The video shows the vast opportunities available and where college can take you. The video is short and concise to appeal to the younger audience.

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FAQ Videos
The easier it is for customers to get the information they need the better and it saves you money too. Video FAQs / Q&As are an under-used tool in digital marketing but one that can have a great impact on your customers.

Offering free easily digestible information can be key to attracting and keeping those all-important customers and put you one step ahead of competitors.

Working with D2E we have created a bank of Q&As answering their client's FAQs. This not only made it easier for their clients to get information but saved D2E time. You can see an example below. 

FAQ videos don't have to be complicated or expensive, they do however, need to reflect your brand and look good.

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2D Animation Corporate Videos
Here's a quick example of 2D animation at work. Animation is becoming more and more popular and it's not hard to see why. It's a great way to keep audiences engaged and get information across quickly and in an easily digestible way.

Animation is completely customisable and limited only by your imagination! Animation is one of the most engaging ways to tell your story and capture that all-important target audience.

2D animation is also very cost effective and doesn't always require big budgets to produce a high engaging informative corporate video. 

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