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8 Ways To Maximise The Potential Of Your Corporate Video Content
After many weeks of filming and editing, you have finally finished off your corporate video and sent it across the many channels which aim to market your business. What people fail to realise however, is the continued support and attention such media needs in both the short and long-term in order to get consistent traffic coming through.
You may have already seen your viewing figures dwindle after just a few days, which can be largely attributed to the fact you may have placed it on your website's home page without any further measures considered about further promotion.
We have seen tons of businesses fail to really enhance the full potential of corporate videos by using the wrong approach from the very beginning. Although it's tempting to park this project and move onto something else, your marketing strategy could end up falling apart if you are not pushing vital content in the right way. So, we have compiled a short guide on how to reach the full potential of your corporate video.

Pin it to the Top

Social media is something which sees millions of posts and shares every single day, so you can imagine just how quickly your video will fall down the pecking order after you first published. If you're looking for an easy way to counter against the cluttered nature of things like Twitter, perhaps consider pinning your video to the top of your profile, so that potential customers can see this content right away whenever they pay a visit.

Reshare your Video

You don't have to simply share your video once! If you do go for a single posting then there could be loads of potential customers who have failed to watch this piece of content, many of which could be the exact people you are trying to reach. Instead, look into how your video can be re-shared every so often, placing more emphasis on different parts of the content to make each post feel unique. As time passes, you may discover something within your video which is applicable to current news and trends, in which case, take advantage of what could be a surge of internet traffic which centres around things you have offered some insight into. One of our clients, Nemco, still re-post their video we made back in 2017!

Link to Video in Your Email Signature

One of the most effective marketing strategies would be to send direct emails. Here, you are right in the heart of one-to-one communication as you will be the main point of concern for someone who has received a brand new message from your business. Whilst you have their attention, why not use this to promote your work again, since they may find the additional video content stimulating compared to the otherwise rigid nature of email inboxes. It can also help give your branding more life and character, as you can demonstrate what you offer and actually put a face to the people who deliver your services or products.
safari window on laptop with gmail open

Add Share Buttons to Your Video Player

So long as you have created a corporate video with style and substance, you can bet certain individuals will be more than happy to share this even further online. We live in a world where people only really respond to things if they are simple and instant, which means placing sharing functions directly in front of them when watching your content could be an effective way to ensure they actually do send your work across the internet.
Premiere Pro Timeline On Computer

Create Video 'Teasers' for Social

Just like movie trailers aim to get you excited for upcoming releases, you should also pick out some of the best parts from your video and use this to create some hype. Make sure you edit some of the key highlights into short bite sized pieces of content into something no longer than 30-seconds, as we all know people don't usually hang around for too long when scrolling through endless posts on social media.

SEO for Video - Yes, it's a Thing

When trying to rank your website, the use of written content is one of the major indicators used by Google to determine who should be placed highest in the listings for certain terms. This also applies to videos, where you need to make sure your work has been optimised with relevancy, keywords and engagement to ensure this is something considered good enough for greater exposure online. Look into using video transcripts, getting a compelling thumbnail designed and ensuring any titles are worded in a way that satisfies the most popular search terms of the day. You could even take things further, and add tailor-made animation to really stand out from the crowd.
YouTube Dashboard

Use Links to your Video

Keep your link building consistent as this means people can find your video from various places across the internet. This can also add more SEO weight, since authority from other websites will be passed onto your content.

Feature your Video on Your Home Page

Although this step really does create the need for this article since many people upload their video onto their site and take things no further, this should still be done. This is one of the few places you have control over the internet, and you will find that having a quality made video could be something Google takes a liking to, since they value websites which offer well thought out and implemented content. Your SEO can also be improved again, since watching videos means website visitors are likely to increase your dwell time.

Contact IGL Films

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Animation: Solving Filming Restrictions During COVID-19
Videos to promote your business, services and products are the best way to increase brand awareness and sales. The use of animation in company videos, whether used for advertising or explainers, has increased over the past few years. Now, with the difficulties of traditional filming caused by lockdowns and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, animation is the ideal solution.

Why use animated videos for advertising?

There are many great benefits to using animation in your business videos. Animation grabs the viewer’s attention more easily because they are fun to watch, creating a higher engagement rate. Animation can convey emotions and ideas in a unique way. If your animation can involve humour, it is more likely to keep the watcher entertained and will encourage social media users to share it, giving further advertising reach.
Animation allows your business to be as creative as you would like, with no limitations of the physical world holding you back. You can think outside the box, allowing any idea to become reality. Complex information, instructions, and ideas can be broken down into simple steps with easy to interpret graphics to help the viewer along.
Animated videos can follow your brand image, helping viewers to immediately recognise your brand. Furthermore, you can control every aspect of what is shown in the video, from the background, music, colours and transitions. You don’t need to worry about finding that perfect location, sourcing props or hiring actors, all of which are especially difficult with travel and social distancing restrictions put in place due to coronavirus.

What promotional videos can I get made during the pandemic?

While it is difficult to arrange filming days at the moment, with so many restrictions in place, animated videos only require an animator and someone to provide the voiceover, both of which can be achieved while working from home. Our animators and video editors are able to continue working during the pandemic, producing quality promotional material without the need for so much as a face-to-face meeting. Whether it is for promoting your business and products, or to explain how to use a new service, we can create an engaging video that truly represents your brand. Find out more about our Animation Video Services.

What types of animation can I use to promote my business?

Animation has been around for centuries, from magic-lantern shows and William George Horner’s Zoetrope to flip-books. Since Walt Disney’s Steamboat Willie, the styles and skills of animation have progressed enormously. The most recent John Lewis Christmas advert is a beautiful example of many styles of animation merging into each other seamlessly. IGL Films’s team of animators specialise in both 2D and 3D animation as well as realistic digital 3D animation, bringing anything you can visualise to life.
For more formal purposes, using interesting and varied typography in a mostly text-based animated video, combined with line icons, provides easy to follow, fast paced and professional promotional content. It can be a simple way to present complex data in an engaging way.
We can also combine stock videos and images, assets from our clients and animated features to create a unique, promotional video that truly represents your business and what it offers.

How to get an animated video made for my business?

If you have an idea for using animation to promote your business, can help you develop it and make your ideas a reality. Not sure on what you would like? We can create the animation from concept to delivery, simply based on your objectives or needs. View our portfolio of animated videos for some inspiration and get in touch to speak to us about your goals and find out how animation can drive your business forward.
Noma Christmas Video
Have a look at our Christmas product video for Noma and their Spectrum App Lights, Christmas lights controlled by your phone. We got into the Christmas spirit early for this video production. As well as show off the lights the video needed to have that Christmas feel.
New Video - WH Council Digital Platform Animation
Our friends at Welwyn Hatfield Council came back to us looking to create a modern and clear informative video to help with the adoption of a new computing system. There was a lot of complex information which needed to be delivered in an easily digestible way that was easy to follow. There is nothing better than animation for making complex information easier to follow and engaging. 

We got to work designing an animation which simplified the content. We used a voiceover to deliver the bulk of the information required and used animation to visualise the information in a simple easy to follow way. The two combined make the information much easier to understand and it's delivered in an engaging way. 

Check out the video below:

We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding service and it's always nice to hear from a happy client:

Contact us today @ and see how we can help you.
Our Animation Promo 2020
Here's a look at our animation promo 2020. Since lockdown, we've seen a massive increase in the number of clients looking for animated video content and it's not hard to see why. Not only is animation a great way to engage your audience and deliver your message but there are no worries about social distancing. Animation is so versatile it can be used in almost any scenario.  

Contact us today @ and take your video maketing to the next level!
New Animation - D2E Educational Portal
Check out our latest animation, a short promo video for a web-based educational portal for our friends at D2E.  

We continue to work with D2E building their video marketing presence.
New Video - D2E A2K Animation
With live-action filming difficult during lockdown, we have been exploring new ways to make marketing videos for our clients. The most obvious step is to move toward animation but there are other options to be explored.

For D2E’s A2K video project our creatives turned to a variety of sources to create their informative video. As a long-standing customer with IGL Films, we have Hard Drives full of previously shot footage we can call upon from other projects. Pair this with the vast choice of stock footage available on the web and we have a fair amount of live-action footage to get creative with.

For this project, our animation team got busy creating animated graphics and text to support the live footage. Check out the final video below, all produced without filming and working from home offices.
Animation Reel 2020
Our new Animation Reel for 2020 is here. A quick look back at some of our 2D and 3D animation work. 


If you are looking for animation or want to know more, get in touch today.
IGL Films Rebrand
Our rebrand is here! Colourful to reflect our creative out of the box thinking team.

Since our birth as a partnership in 2014 and IGL Films Ltd form 2019, IGL has grown into a full-service, award-winning video production and video marketing agency. We've built a reputation for delivering cinematic, results-driven video production and out of the box thinking animations. To reflect this we thought it was time to refresh our brand image. After many attempts, ideas and concepts, we finally chose the below.

We also have secondary icon logos to use when necessary.

We hope you like the new look IGL Films Ltd!!
Our 3D Animation On Channel 5 Eaten By An Escalator Documentary
Our 3D animation work for D2E International VT consultants can be seen on Channel 5's 'Eaten By An Escalator' Documentary.

The 3D animations were created to show clearly where the safety features were and how they worked. They formed part of a larger video for D2E. It was great to see them featured in the Channel 5 documentary of which D2E took part in. You can see an example of our 3D escalator animation below.