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Should You Be Using Video Testimonials?
Nowadays 9/10 of us, before buying that nice new 4K OLED TV, will look through online reviews to see what people have to say before making a purchase. We’ll look up online reviews and testimonial videos to make sure we are making the right buying decision.
So, it’s safe to say people are doing the exact same thing when looking at purchasing your products or services. Testimonials are a powerful tool for gaining trust and encouraging potential buyers to take action. All businesses should use them larger or small, B2C or B2B, testimonial videos are a powerful marketing tool.  
More often than not, we see reviews and testimonials as written content on websites but video testimonials can help your business standout and produce better results. Compared to plain-text, quality video testimonials immediately build trust, brand credibility and a connection with your customer. You can see the authenticity and emotion in the video, making testimonials more trustworthy. The fact that one or more of your customers are willing to show their face on camera alone shows they highly regard your products or service.

Video testimonials are more engaging than reading through a load of text. The movement and emotion coming from the reviewer keeps our interest. Your testimonial can use cut-aways to the product or service being reviewed. Again, this enforces the trustworthy nature of the testimonial and makes it much more interesting. Take a look at our testimonial video for Liberty Corporate Finance below:

Liberty CF Testimonials from IGL Films on Vimeo.

You can also gain exposure with your videos. Social media is geared towards video content more than ever before. You can post your videos across social media networks and build trust in your brand. They are as close to word-of-mouth marketing as you can get!
Video testimonials don’t have to come with a huge price tag either. There are ways to keep them simple and low cost but still effective. However, it’s important to maintain a good level of quality. A poor video recorded on your phone for example, will instantly lower the viewer’s opinion of your company and the trustworthiness of the testimonial. If video testimonials aren’t currently in your corporate video strategy, it might be time to add them.

If you would like to know more about how video testimonials could help your business, feel free to contact us: