Video Production Process

We like to make the process of creating video marketing content as easy as possible for our clients.
Below you can see our video production process step by step from the initial brief right through to delivery to the target audience.
We can be with you from the beginning or step in anywhere along the way.
Video production

1. The Video Brief

We understand every client is different, you have your own vision and video marketing objectives to meet. It’s our job to find your unique requirements through a free no obligation consultation.

During this process, we listen, ask questions and build an understanding of your vision, product(s) or service(s), video objectives, audience and the passion and driving force behind your brand.
Video production

2. Concept Development

This is where our creative team goes to action. Using all the information gathered in the video production brief our creative team comes together to explore the best techniques and styles to achieve your video marketing objectives and create powerful video content. The outcome is a range of options that will tell your story, get results and appeal to your target audience. If you already have an idea, we’ll work with you to explore and develop your idea using our years of experience and knowledge to guide you.
Video production

3. The Concept Pitch

It’s time to show you our initial concepts. You’ll start to see your video production coming to life!

We’ll explain the concepts to you and the reasons behind each part. Here we can also discuss potential budgets and timelines for your video. At IGL Films we like to give a range of budget options so we can find a budget that suits you and the production best.
Video production

4. Refine the Concept

Once the budget has been agreed and we have the green light to proceed, we take your feedback and refine the concept in greater detail.

This can involve the creation of storyboards, shot lists and scripts as well as looking at any motion graphics or animation.
Video production

5. Pre – Production

Pre-production is a vital stage of any production.

Our projects involve careful planning and logistics so we maximise the potential of your budget. This involves casting, props, locations, crew and any special requirements.
Video production

6. Production

Lights, Camera,…Action! It’s time to capture all footage and sound required for your video. We pride ourselves on our high production standards and are committed to delivering the best. We use broadcast and cinema standard cameras across all our production alongside professional lighting and sound setups to suit production needs. We have a dedicated production team who love what they do backed up by our network of industry professionals. It’s this cinematic perspective that sets us apart from the rest.
Video production

7. Post – Production

This is where your production really starts to come together!

Our in-house post-production team consists of editors, motion graphics artists, animators and more. They are ready to take all the footage and sound captured and stitch it together to make your video production come to life.
Video production

8. Music composition

Our in-house music composer creates bespoke music to fit not only your video perfectly but also your brand identity. We feel music is often an overlooked part of corporate video. Music has the power to convey emotion and change the feel of a scene or video. This is why we offer this bespoke service; your video can have a unique track designed specifically for your production.
Video production

9. Delivery

Once our post-production team is happy your video is ready to view for the first time! This can either be done at our base in Hertfordshire, at your location or we can send the video to you. You’ll be able to see your vision come to life and get a feel for how your audience will see the video. Your final corporate video production will be supplied in the various formats you require for distribution.
Video production

10. Distribution / Marketing

Our work doesn’t have to stop there! We offer an optional service to help you reach your target market.

We’ll work closely with you to implement a video marketing strategy to maximise the impact and effectiveness of your video.
Video production

11. Quality Service

Throughout the process, you will have direct contact with your production team. They will keep you informed of the progress of your video production.

We like to make things as easy as possible for our clients, we want you to enjoy the experience of creating engaging video content.
Video production

12. Our promise

Our production team takes great pride in the films they produce, you can be assured your production will be met with enthusiasm at every stage.
"The IGL team understood and interpreted our brief quickly and produced a video that was spot on within a matter of weeks. The quality of both the footage taken and editing was top notch and they really captured the essence of the product"
AJ Nowell, CEO, PitPatPet

Some of our Clients